I bought an Umbrel Home some time ago and while experimenting with the umbrelOS a few questions came up that I couldn’t find an answer to.

Can I install another operating system on the Umbrel Home?

No, it is currently not possible/supported to install another operating system on your Umbrel Home. The Home server comes pre-installed with umbrelOS on Debian 11. However, all umbrelOS-related components can be removed via SSH, giving you a simple Debian installation.

Can I factory reset my Umbrel Home?

Yes, you can easily reset your Umbrel Home to factory settings by running the following command via SSH:

curl -L https://link.umbrel.com/factory-reset | bash

Can I recover the operating system if I have damaged it?

You can easily recover your Umbrel Home by flashing a USB with UmbrelOS. Since the boot priority favors USB over the internal SSD, you can boot from the USB and then choose to reinstall or reformat the SSD.

  1. Flash https://download.umbrel.com/U2303/umbrel-usb-reflasher.iso to a USB stick with balenaEtcher
  2. Switch off your Umbrel Home
  3. Insert the USB stick into Umbrel
  4. Switch on Umbrel
  5. Wait for Umbrel to automatically reflash its internal SSD and turn off (~5 minutes)
  6. Remove the USB stick from Umbrel
  7. Turn on Umbrel
  8. Wait for Umbrel to complete the first boot (~5 minutes)
  9. Go to http://umbrel.local/ and complete the setup

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